Hey! I’m Sarah.

I spent around 7 years working in marketing and advertising, both in small companies and global ad agencies. I got to a point where I just couldn’t see the point any more – I was burnt out, overworked and not seeing the financial gain of the work I was doing.

I went freelance because I wanted to take control of my life and career, and let me tell you… I do not miss cramming myself onto the 8am rush hour tube!

Since starting my own business, I’ve been able to find so much more balance as well as establishing a strong client base. Taking the leap from full time to self employed is scary and often overwhelming, and I am passionate about helping people do it in a way that is fun, exciting and seamless.

Feel free to reach out and we can chat! I also offer limited in-person coaching and training in London and would love to meet more of you.


# of years I've been self employed


% of the time I wear yoga pants to work


Writing about stress, work-life balance and business.

We Need to Stop Glorifying ‘Busy’

“I’m SO busy right now”. We’ve all been there. We’ve all said it. But why? For many of us, ‘busy’ has become a way of life, in both personal and professional contexts. A column from Dr. Susan Koven gives an interesting insight on the topic: “In the past few years,...

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