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Youtube of the Week: Steve Cook

So I think over the last few years I watch youtube more than I watch TV in my free time but most importantly the platform has become the main source of information in all aspects of my Lifestyle. I have learned so much from using Youtube and so each week I will profile a Youtuber that has either inspired me or has either provided valuable information or entertainment  – and today we start with Fitness Youtuber Steve Cook.

If you want to get started with building some muscle or becoming athletic then Steve Cook is your man! He comes across well on youtube and you can see he generally practices what he preaches and he’s been a fitness advocate on the platform for a long time now so he’s definitely a veteran in this game which is why I strongly recommend you check out his channel.

Positive Influence!

He keeps things simple and provides step by step training tips, exercises, nutrition and the mental aspect of staying consistent to produce the results without over-complicating things, so even YOU beginners will easily benefit from his channel.

But also a point to note here  –  the dude is kinda entertaining and when you can relate to his character, the information he provides just connects and you truly gain value of the whole experience – lets face it if you can’t relate to someone you don’t really take in any information!

Ladies, dont despair as the exercises and training principles benefit you too  – but I will be profiling a number of Female Fitness Youtubers who stand out from the crowd so be sure to look out for that!

Anyway back to my main man Steve.

I’m displaying bro love here because he got me into the fitness game over 6 years ago, and I am sure some of you are aware there is a lot of bullshit out there. Asking you to pay all kinds of money for programs and special tips and bla bla bla. Look folks, if you follow the right people, who have been doing it for a long time, who are really helpful then you will definitely be on that road to gains city!

So Steve Cook – I salute you for keeping it real CONSISTENTLY in the Fitness game and for being the reason why people have taken up lifting and taking their Health and Fitness more seriously!

As always folks #livebetter

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