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Youtube of the Week – Marc Fitt

You tuber of the Week

So it’s that time of the week where I highlight a Youtube channel that I highly recommend when it comes to Fitness. I’ve watched this guy for years and if there is one thing I like the most – its that he is very INSPIRATIONAL.

Marc fitt is a Canadian Personal Trainer, Fitness You tuber, business owner and a very positive guy. He started fitness to build ‘self confidence’ and to push himself to the maximum. I can relate to that as I started training to push myself and it was also a way to stay motivated and active consistently. Now it has become a way of life.

“You have one life, live it, believe in yourself, do what you love and the success will come”

The Youtube channel features information on building a positive mindset and to stay focused on your goals in life, not just on gym training but a strong balance in achieving your dreams. Unlike other so called ‘motivational speakers’ this channel is nothing like that at all. Marc just tells you how it is and tries to inspire you without preaching from no experience.

Whether your into fitness now and or just starting, you will find his content and persona very motivating. I guarantee you will be pumped before a workout!

I strongly recommend this Youtube channel based on what I said above, and I just really think you will gain so much from his content.  You have to believe in yourself and in everything you do. Nothing is impossible. If you dedicate yourself through your diet and workouts you can accomplish whatever you want.

I always say that you have to surround yourself with people who actually have an impact on this world, and he dedicates his content solely to help people achieve whatever they set out too. How many filthy rich people actually lift a finger for complete stranger!!! Hardly anyone – so I have huge respect for Marc Fitt – for what he stands for – and most importantly his dedication in helping others!

Remember people, if you want it –  GO GET IT!



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