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Youtube of the Week: Jeremy Fragrance

Youtuber of the week: Jeremy Fragrance

For all you alpha males out there – Youtuber Jeremy Fragrance will teach you all about the ideal Men’s Fragrances to wear.

Fellas we all try to stay fit and healthy, to look the best we can and feel good about it. But what about our fragrance game??? It’s time we step it up!

“how many of you wear the same fragrance all year round”?

Firstly how many of you wear the same Mens perfume all year round? I am sure quite a few! Stop that shizzle right now! And also how many of you guys own fragrances bought for you by a girlfriend, friend, wife, Mother whatever! Again it’s time to cut that out and take control people!

jeremy fragrance

The Man:

Jeremy Fragrance: He’s a Fragrance Blogger & Youtuber who shares reviews and tips on Men’ Fragrance choices. Whether it’s the top 10 for the summer or winter, from the strongest colognes to the weakest and even the best Fragrances by price!  How good is that!!!

So whatever you can afford fellas, there will be an option just for you and that is why I believe he can help you guys out.

After checking out a few of his videos I learned so much about the types of fragrances that would suit me. And most importantly he pointed out the things I was doing incorrectly – like spraying all over the place! (A school boy error). He is so enthusiastic and knowledgable so the advice he gives is well thought out – and you will also find tips with style as the dude is very fashionable!

Now I have a few bottles for different situations and times of the year, and both provide different strength levels. For example I have a longer lasting fragrance, especially for that nightlife game! (yea buddy) And a top 10 most complimented fragrance to top it all off.

So comment below if this has helped you and hopefully your fragrance knowledge and game has gone up! Remember take the time to pick out your own choices when your out shopping, and enjoy the process.


Right that’s it from me and as always #livebetter

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