What a difference 5 months can make… 🐛🦋

I feel like two very different people in these photos. One was me leaving lockdown London, the other is me at the end of my trip to Costa Rica.

It sounds cliché, but travel does, of course, change you.

When I left London, I was in a tough place, full of fear about the future, anxious and isolated.

Coming back, I still have no idea about the future, but this time, I’m comfortable with that, and I can’t WAIT to see how my life will unfold 🙌🏻  I’ve seen and experienced things I never knew were possible, and met the most incredible people. I’ve faced myself and had to do things that scared me nearly every day.

This whole experience has been all about taking a leap of faith, pushing through fear, being out of my comfort zone and learning to go with the flow (which is not easy for a planner!).

Let’s see what the universe has in store for me next ✨ Spoiler alert: there’s more travel involved 🌎

P.S. I’m coming home, but not for very long. Catch me while you can 😜