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Welcome to my New Blog!

Hello and welcome to the first Lifestyle blog post that you will all have endless dreams about in years to come!! Okay that’s a slight exaggeration but its the positive fuel burning inside me to be optimistic as it is so damn easy to be pessimistic about trying new things…right!

Why I started a blog?

I wanted to start a unique Lifestyle blog and a brand that highlights my passion for Fitness, independent cafe reviews for that coffee fix, a love of cool travel destinations and useful lifestyle news – so if your a fan then stay tuned as I will provide all types of information and tips from my perspective.

So guys and gals I believe we are all obedient in some way but there is a REBEL in each and every one of us so ignore what is supposedly the “norm” for you and whatever your passion may be – take the risk and GO FOR IT! Its the same reason why I wanted to start a blog so that I could reach out to everyone who shares the same passions as I do – or that it is something short and sweet to read while being squashed on London transport early in the morning:- You can thank me one day!

So don’t forget to join me on social media the links are at the top of the screen.

And stay tuned for my new post on my beginner core workout for abs – summer is coming so its about that time!

As always #livebetter
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