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Simple Pre and Post Workout Tips – Why Wait!



I have received a few questions about Pre & Post workout tips on my Instagram. So I decided to break it down in a couple of easy steps:

Drink water!!!

Before, during and after a workout. Just carry a bottle with you everywhere you go. Before I hit the gym, I add cucumbers in my water Jug at home because plain water is boring and for extra fibre. They also contain most of the B vitamins which help in blood flow, digestion and releasing natural energy to the body. I prefer flavoured water, so mix it up – do whatever it takes to get enough water for the day!

cucumber water


I’m a big fan of dynamic stretching before a workout. So if you combine water and stretching I am sure that every trainer and nutritionist will recommend it. It makes a huge difference in the way I personally feel, and perform during my workout. But please remember to stretch after your session too, I know time is a big factor but its important so get it done! Trust me after a while you might end up as stiff as a robot –  you have been warned! S T R E T C H !




You need immediate, fast acting carbs during your Post-workout window to replenish your glycogen levels, restore energy, and boost insulin levels, Insulin can be extremely anabolic at the right time, helping the restoration of muscle proteins by inhibiting protein breakdown and stimulating protein synthesis.

So while we’re on the subject of post-workout nutrition, you should consider including a source of Potassium – Bananas! Potassium, among other nutrients plays a role in muscular energy, so Bananas or potatoes are my choices but you guys can also choose an alternative if you prefer. I usually drink a myprotein whey isolate shake  – a banana straight away and i’ll eat a meal an hour later.

post workout


I hear so many people get less than six hours of sleep. You need to catch some serious Zs here  – its a standard no brainer!

Sleep is not just for relaxing. Its the necessary downtime that your body needs to restore itself. I’m not telling you that you cant function, but sacrificing hours of sleep over a long period of time can negatively impact your levels in the gym. Remember your the captain of your own ship – you will be surprised how the little things make the biggest impact.

I try to get 7 hours that’s my go to number – sometimes I only manage 6. Just make changes in your day that will enable you to get to bed earlier.

And thats it; simple short tips for you to get the maximise results you can get –  i wish you all the best of luck and big gains!

Whats your energy boosting tip? Let me know – don’t be shy get involved.


That’s it from me and as always  – #livebetter

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