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Fitness Plan Advice

Fitness Plan Advice

Do you want to get into working out seriously, but don’t know where to start? We’ve all been there. For guys hard at work and on the go, making time for the gym in your busy schedule can be a mission all in itself.  But if you’re determined to max out on your Spring grind, then I can help with positioning you towards the right Fitness Plan.

In my first post I wrote tips to get back into fitness, now i will drop some advice how you can create a simple plan to execute.

For seriously changing your body structure, I strongly advise setting aside 3-5 days a week for your workout days, that kind of consistency is essential. Anything less than that is best for maintaining your physique or a much slower process towards your fitness goals.

Ask yourself what do you want to accomplish, and then do a variety of exercises connected to that goal. My advice would be to check out Youtube and you will surely find videos that will give you the breakdown into  – building muscle – bigger glutes (ladies) or amazing abs etc. So the more you research the better equipped you will become – also stay tuned on my blog because I always give recommendations on fitness instagrammers and Youtubers. As always when you set goals it’s important to write things down, so be inspired guys and gals.

Variety is the key to life, but it’s also the secret sauce to overall fitness! How good did that sentence sound!!

A well-rounded routine could incorporate cardio, strength training and hypertrophy, and all that through different exercises. This way you’re working out your whole body, and most importantly stimulating different fibres and really maximising your results.

Guys, this next point is important!fitness plan

Sticking to a Plan

Being realistic with your personal time is the gateway to sticking to a plan Don’t make weak promises if you can’t deliver! Because your just setting yourself to fail and that feeling is a real fitness – killer so please be realistic. If you can’t devote a solid hour, then check your schedule again and make the time somewhere thats feasible.

Scheduling time to exercise like you would schedule time for anything else, is a fantastic way to maintain some regularity. Regularity breeds results! Your plan needs to work for you and your schedule! And ultimately you want this process to feel natural and part of your lifestyle.

At the same time, stay flexible. You might not be able to make it to the gym, so it doesn’t mean you failed. There are so many exercises you can do pretty much anywhere – from squats, push ups, planks or lunges, so stay positive people!



And finally when creating your fitness plan, just have fun with it! You can even grab a friend and go to the gym together, and that way you can both be accountable for each other. Its a fun way to get social with it and most importantly make some gains!

Currently I am following a Push/Pull/Legs split and I hit a particular workout every 5th day on rotation. You can check a similar workout here which can work for you if you are looking to build size.

Thats it from me and as always #livebetter

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