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Corniche watches

Corniche Watches – Cool Brands for Men 2017

Corniche Timepieces

Im introducing a new segment folks and as you can see from the picture, it’s all about showcasing the best minimalist style watches from new or existing brands.

Let’s face it, with so many fantastic watches on the market, it’s tough to keep track of them all. So I’ll do my best to show you some of the best that’s out there . This brand has some serious timepiece offerings, so let’s check it out.

corniche watch

Corniche are Swedish watchmakers based out of the capital city of Stockholm, and they have a real aesthetic selection of watches to choose from that I am sure you will be impressed with.  The idea behind the brand is that no matter what you do with your time, you should look amazing whilst you keep track of it.

The influence behind the brand came from the French Riviera, namely the Cote d’azur.  Where the  creators spent countless summers on the coast of Provence. The creators hoped to combine the style and atmosphere of the Cote D’Azur, by using the best materials and having an eye for detail. .

When you think about it: a Swedish watchmaker with a French eye for fashion is always destined to be pure quality. And when you look at it from an aesthetic point of view, their timepieces are extremely well put together and reasonably priced.

So if your looking for French flair and Luxurious style – then you can’t go wrong with Corniche timepieces!

Point to note – the brand produces nice little bracelets which really go well with the watches!

corniche watches

Corniche watches

corniche watches

corniche watches

corniche watch box

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