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Coffee Review – Iris & June London

Iris & June Cafe London

Whats up Rebel nation!

Today is the first of a long line of mini independent coffee reviews in london and hopefully abroad, as we all need a bit of coffee during the day.

Ive never really been into big chain coffee shops I dont know why it just always reminded me of a supermarket store, I wanna get in and get out. So I decided to explore what London has to offer and drop a few reviews and find those little gems. Its a big city so il be giving you the lowdown of cafes to check out or avoid.

The Coffee Review

So we start with the Iris & June in Victoria London which is behind House of Fraser in Howicks place – I call this “The Corporate Cafe”.


When you first walk in I promise you it feels like your in a basement somewhere – the atmosphere feels cold and boring just check the décor and you will see what I mean. As you look around all you see is suits everywhere so you get that corporate feel to it as people are having their meetings with the classroom style tables and chairs.

So my drink of choice is a flat white.

Whatever drink you choose this is the moment where I think most of you will understand why I call it the corporate cafe. (seriously let me know exactly what your thinking as you sit down and look around).

The coffee was okay and not worth the price but the simple fact is this – its just not the kind of cafe where you can relax and enjoy your coffee or take several friends. Its more like an office cafeteria in which you don’t really care where you are as you’re busy having a meeting! I enjoyed my water more than the coffee itself and the conversation with several staff members helped pass the time.

Coffee london


However I will say the food behind the counter looked very appetising – (thats right I said something positive)! I cant tell you that I tried the food but I did try the coffee which was £2.90 for a Flat White. The coffee didn’t taste very nice and just knowing the price made it worse. I sound like a cheapskate right now lol but to add some context I would happily pay a much higher price for great tasting coffee.

My advice is (drum roll please) :- if you happen to be in Victoria London – you will not miss out trying a different cafe in the same area namely a Starbucks!

And as I said earlier that I am not a fan of big chain coffee shops, you can get an idea of my thoughts on the Iris & June! If you want to have a quick meeting in that area then I am sure this cafe have everything you need for that.

With all our senses such as – the look, the taste and the smell its the “experience”  that defines my review for the Iris & June and unfortunately it just didn’t live up to its hype.

Dont forget to check out my instagram where I have a 2 minute video review on this cafe – I always have video versions, you can find the link at the top of the page.

Thats its from me and as always #livebetter

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