Becoming comfortable with discomfort 😖

🇪🇨 Travelling to South America alone is not something that is was comfortable for me

✈️ Boarding a one-way flight to a country where I barely speak the language and don’t know a soul is NOT a nice feeling, despite the dreamy IG stories and whimsical TikToks

😥 I have multiple ‘what am I doing here?’ moments and crises of confidence

…so why do I do it?

👉  BECAUSE I’ve learned to recognise this feeling. And I know it’s the feeling juuuuust before something amazing happens. Before I start to adjust, and more importantly, GROW. The moments where my comfort zone is expanding exponentially.

Embracing the discomfort and trusting my journey ✨


To be continued… 😬 #travel #traveltok #fyp

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