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About Me

About Me

Whats up future Lifestyle Rebel Fam!

So this project was born out of deciding to start a Mens Lifestyle website where I share news on Fitness, Lifestyle topics, European City Breaks and even the finest Minimalist Watches – and to express my creativity through the power of social media. The purpose of this lifestyle site is to document and represent the everyday man and trying to give you the best news, reviews and to provide entertainment in the form of information and have fun with it.

lifestyle rebel

I also enjoy photography despite being an amateur so you will get the chance to see many images of London as I snap away so don’t forget to check out my Instagram.

And lastly I really live by this quote and it has inspired me to be more open on social media and not analyse and strategise on the perfect way of doing things which stops many people as it did to me.  –

“Start where you are, use what you have, do what you can”. 

So please feel free to chat with me i’m pretty much an open book and always up for working on new projects with likeminded creatives.

As always  – make your own rules!