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3 Top Tips for getting back into Fitness

Lets get back on that Fitness track!

Motivating yourself into a healthy diet and fitness routine when you’ve taken time off is really tough. Trust me I’ve been there a few years ago. It’s especially challenging if your busy with work and too tired to train in the evenings. But if you’re looking to ease yourself into it but need some healthy tips – I’ve outlined a simple guide to help you get back on the path to gainsville –  so remember start slow its a marathon not a race!


Tip 1: Diet Diet Diet

Guys and gals start paying attention to what you’re putting into your body because this is super important. Avoid super salty, sugary and processed foods! Whether you’re eating at home or going out to eat – practicing self-control is the hardest part. When I stopped snacking on cookies and sweets I soon realised the cravings started to disappear, and I replaced them with healthier snack options – celery sticks, carrot sticks I would have mixed nuts but I am allergic but its a good option for you and packs around 6 grams of protein per 2 – ounce serving.

I also love frozen grapes, YES thats right as they don’t freeze unlike strawberries so it gives me that sweet fix a long with Greek yoghurt! So GET CREATIVE. Try adding a green smoothie to your breakfast instead of a sugary orange juice, and remember if you want me to provide you with my simple shake recipes let me know in the comments below.


Tip 2: Get that workout in – Seriously do it !

Get the heart pumping – release those endorphins! Right at the start you’re going to hate every minute of it because you’re not used to it and no matter how fit or out of shape you are, working out has to become a part of your lifestyle. The more you do it the easier it gets – its true. I know the hardest part is probably leaving your house because once you get in that gym you will workout as your right there, its must easier!

But if your one of those people who do not have friends that workout and you struggle to get up from that chair, a trick you can do is just get changed in your gear and watch a Youtube video of a workout – even play some music and get that focus kicking in –  I’m telling you it has worked for me for years and I train by myself regularly and even I need a little bit of motivation too sometimes!


 Tip 3: Energy Boost!

If you love working out but it’s challenging for you to stay focused and ready to make those gains – maybe you need a pre-workout powder to help you out! I’ve tried so many pre-workouts and I am still on the hunt that I enjoy. But the one powder so far I strongly recommend is from Optimum Nutrition called Amino Energy – its not too strong either and you can use it as a pick me up drink during the day too and I particularly like the Blueberry flavour, but a cup of black coffee never fails either so #NOEXCUSES!

By the way all you have to do is google Amino Energy and check the prices if its something you can afford its really cheap and its a trusted brand so Il only ever recommend something I have used or using.

I’m no where near my #goals and I still need to work on my weak points such as stubborn calves and shoulders but I definitely feel more confident than before so i’ll be sharing more fitness posts with you guys from now on.

As always  #livebetter

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