Wellness & Travel Marketing

Marketing for the things that matter, in a voice that's uniquely yours.

Hi, I’m Sarah!

I work with companies and individuals in the Health, Fitness and Wellness industries, helping them bring their brands to life, communicate effectively, and reach the right people at the right time. After years spent in the corporate world in global advertising agencies, I took the leap and built a business that allows me to pursue my passions. 

I work remotely and travel the world surfing, doing yoga and living a life that lights up my soul. My passions and my work are intertwined, and helping others reach their goals is a huge motivator for me.  


'FULL TIME TO FREELANCE: A 6 STEP ACTION PLAN' online course dropping soon!


An array of online training courses on various topics to help you get to where you want to be. 


Either face to face or via Zoom. In these sessions we’ll chat through where you’re at, figure out where you want to be and create solid actions for you to get there. 


A host of digital products to help you take action, including workbooks, planners, to do list templates and more.

Watch this space for more coming soon!


Sarah is extremely knowledgable about digital marketing, particularly social media. Her entrepreneurial drive, and her extremely empathic and calm personality are some of the qualities that make her a great mentor. Not only that, but her passion for personal well-being and work-life balance, are contagious.

Sarah is an extremely skilled paid social marketer. She is extremely professional in handling her daily activity as well as managing a team to get work effectively done. She works well under pressure and treats each task with extreme detail. She is at the forefront on what’s happening socially and technically and is always able to make fresh recommendations to clients. 

Sarah’s knowledge of social media is excellent – especially as she’s one of the rare few I’ve encountered who also understands the technical aspects. She’s a very good communicator / presenter, strategic thinker and well organized so her plans come to life successfully. 

Sarah joined my marketing team and made an immediate, substantial and hugely positive impact across our social media channels. Methodical, creative and analytical, Sarah is destined for great success.


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